<html> <head> <body style="background-image: url(ricepaperbackground.gif);"> <title> Fried Green Beans by Larry Andersen </title></head> <META NAME="Author" CONTENT=" Larry Andersen "> <META NAME="Keys" CONTENT=" garden, green beans, Kentuck wonder beans, fried, bacon, blanch "> <META NAME="description" CONTENT=" A tasty way to prepare your tender, young green beans from your garden. " <!-- Picture and Recipe Title --> <table border="0"> <tr> <th rowspan="2"> <A href="friedbeans01.jpg" Border="0"> <img src="friedbeans01.jpg" Border="0" style="width: 320px; height: 240px;" Title="Click to enlarge - A Southern tradition, bacon fried green beans."></a> </th> <td width=320><center> <p><h1> Bacon Fried </h1></center></p> <p><center> <h1> Green Beans </h1> </center></p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> </center></td> </tr> </table> <table border="0"> <TR> <TD Width=640> <p><i> Every southern farm had a garden to provide fresh vegetables for the table. One of the common vegetables was string beans, usually pole beans like Kentucky Wonder beans. My father-in-law remembers his mother making fried green beans for supper and has a fondness for the taste. A southern tradition, fried green beans make a tasty side dish with lots of bacon flavor. I have prepared this dish with tomatoes but they are optional and can be omitted if you prefer. </i></p> </TD> </TR> </table> <!-- Recipe Atributes. --> <table border="0"> <TR> <TD Width=320> Preparation: 20 minutes </TD> <TD width=320> <i><b> Life Experience Recipe </i></b> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD Width=320> Serves 2 to 4 persons</TD> <TD width=320> </TD> </TR> </table> <!-- Ingredients Section. --> <table border="0"> <TR> <TD Width=320> <B>Ingredients:</B> </TD> <TD> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD Width=320> <UL> <LI> 1/4 pound young green beans per person <LI> 1 thin slice red onion, if desired </UL> </TD> <TD Width=320> <UL> <LI> 2 or 3 strips of bacon <LI> 2 ripe Roma tomatoes (optional) </UL> </TD> </TR> </table> <!-- Procedure Section. Letter ASCII HTML alt + 146 &AElig; alt +0216 &Oslash; alt + 143 &Aring; alt + 153 alt + 145 &aelig; alt +0248 &oslash; alt + 134 &aring; alt + 148 --> <table border="0"> <TR> <TD Width=650> <b>Procedure</b> <UL> <LI> Snap ends of green beans and pull any string. Very young beans will have little string. Cut to desired length. Heat a saucepan, with enough water to cover the beans, to a rolling boil. Add the beans and return the water to a boil. Reduce heat and lightly boil for 5 minutes. Drain the hot water from the beans and quench them with cold or iced water. Set aside. <LI> Dice tomatoes. Discard seeds and membranes. Set aside. <LI> If onion is desired, cut across onion slice and break into curved segments. Add to reserved beans. <LI> Crisp fry bacon and set on paper towels to cool. Pour off all the drippings just leaving the brown bits and a coating of bacon fat. </UL> <center> <img src="friedbeans02.jpg" Title="Simmer the prepared beans for 5 minutes." Border="0" width="320" height="240"> <img src="friedbeans03.jpg" Title="Drain and quench the beans under running cold water." Border="0" width="320" height="240"> </center> <UL> <LI> Add drained beans and onions to hot frying pan and fry and stir frequently until beans and onion are just tender, about 5 minutes. Add reserved tomatoes, cook and stir until tomatoes are heated through. Remove beans to serving bowl and garnish with a bit of the crumbled bacon </UL> <center> <img src="friedbeans04.jpg" Title="Add drained green beans and onions to a hot frying pan and stir until beans and onions are tender." Border="0" width="320" height="240"> <img src="friedbeans05.jpg" Title="Add tomatoes, cook and stir until heated through." Border="0" width="320" height="240"></center> </TD> </TR> </table> <!-- decorative band --> <table border="0"> <TR> <TD Width=640> <center> <img src="pnikband.gif" Border="0" width="327" height="72"> </center> </TD> </TR> </table> <p></p> <A href="contents.htm">Return to Cookbook Contents Page</a> <address>Latest revision done September 2014</address> <img height="20" Title="Our visitors" hspace="4" width="60" align="middle" vspace="2" border="0" src="http://counter.digits.net/wc/-d/4/JanisGardensCookbook" /> <a href="http://www.digits.net/">Counter courtesy of WebCounter</a> <p> <a href="https://www.aplus.net/">Hosted by <b>aplus.net</b></a> </p> </body> </html>