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Retirement time is just around the corner. After a lot of scrimping and saving, we have a motor home to finally travel and see more of this great country of ours. That means we wont have our home kitchen, all its gadgets, space and conveniences. As nice as the motor home is, it is cramped and short on space and limited in its resources, especially water and gas. And when actively traveling, it is short on kitchen and cooking time.

When we saw the television ads for AirCore Cookware we were intrigued and saw the cookware set as a partial solution to our perceived motor home living shortcomings. (After all, we figured those out in the weekend trips around and about where we live in Alaska.) The basic idea was this - we would: 1) make a large "cozy" for the cookware to insulate and extend te cooking time; 2) make a stable, tip-proof base to hold the cozy and cookware in the sink; 3) start the lunch or evening meal during the breakfast in the AirCore Cookware, let it self cook for an extended time in the cozy and enjoy the meal at leisure at the end of a day of traveling and sightseeing.

Our reckoning was that we would have tasty, economic meals, save time in main meal preparation (at the end of a long day) and conserve on cooking gas.

There are few recipes yet on the web for AirCore Cookware and the accompanying sample recipe booklet is Spartan. Hence, we have started converting our trove of recipes for use in the AirCore Cookware. We are happy to share our results with other AirCore Cookware users and will kep posting recipes as we try them out....

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