Yogurt Cheese

This is the description of a process more than a recipe. The basic cheese is made as described and then served plain or with any number of spices, seed, herbs and vegetables.

Preparation: 30 minutes over 2 days Heirloom Recipe
Meds Mama Sarkissian/Pattie Sue Knapp
  • 48 ounces yogurt
  1. Tie the yogurt in several layers of cheesecloth. Hang over a bowl to catch the whey which is discarded. Allow to drain overnight. Maybe not in the old country, but this should be done in the refrigerator. This will produce a soft cream cheese-textured product.

  2. Variations:
    • Cucumber salad - add thinly sliced cucumber, mint, garlic and toasted sesame seeds.
    • Garlic and sesame seed - add crushed garlic and toasted sesame seeds.
    • Fruit cheese - add mashed or finely diced fruit and serve on your morning bagel or hot sourdough toast as if it were cream cheese

    Keeps for several weeks, refrigerated, in a tightly covered container. Always ready for a quick and healthy snack

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