Friends and Interesting Links


Please visit. And enjoy the adventure!
  • We walked some of the same ground in Viet Nam, just a few years apart
  • 101 Airborne Division 327 Infantry
  • Patie Knapp's YouTube Channel
  • Vyktorya's - an artist's blog "An Eclectic Mix of Art, Objects, and Antiques"
  • Nephew Mike tells about his toys.
  • My YouTube Channel - Andersen1942
  • Dale and Bobbi Falk - Flying, Skydiving, Mushing, Sailing, WWII Bombers
  • Dale Falk's Photography Page on Smugmug
  • Dale Falk's YouTube Channel - High Adventure sailing in Alaska
  • Historic Albert Whitted Airport on the scenic St. Petersburg waterfront.
  • Whimsical Art - The Creative Art of Recycling
  • Join Pattie Sue as she samples and rates the food at your favorite restaurant.
  • Larry rates the food and service at local restaurants.
  • A travel adventure from Alaska to The Yukon, British Columbia and the Coastal US.
  • Follow the Bug Smasher as it travels from Alaska to Florida.
  • Its the Retirement Road - an additional Travel Log on a Good Sam Club site.
  • Alex, also known as The Prince of Macedon. Strategy gaming and Personal Adventure Videos.
  • Ted and Elke Spirakis - Llamas In the Heart of the Blue Ridge
  • Follow the maritime adventures of Jef and Patricia on the good ship Tranquility
  • Follow the adventures of Jeri Tubbs as she explores the Andes ruins of Machu Picchu
  • Explore Fort De Soto that has long guarded the entrance to Tampa Bay
  • Chugiak Dog Mushers Club and Other Dog Mushing Links
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks - Aurora Prediction
  • Amateur Wine Making Contest - 2008 - 2009




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