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Conditions For Use

I am an amateur video enthusiast. That means that I photograph when the time not obligated to some other more mundane task. It also means that when I travel to other places to shoot, it is really secondary to some other, more pressing obligation. I do use the best equipment that I can afford (such a relative term - Iím still mostly analog in the all-digital world) which means that I am way, way behind in the equipment power curve.

So, therein lies the challenge! Be ready at all times to raise the camera to your eye, be alert to all the opportunities as they present themselves and make the most of each and every opportunity no matter how fleeting, and do experiment to see what you can do to get the most out of your equipment. I take a lot of footage but usually I only flag a few minutes as worth keeping. I donít throw it away. After all, when you put it together to make a film, you need some crumbs to make the crust.

I am fortunate to live in Alaska where I am surrounded by what visitors can only experience for a week or two. But, then again, someone who lives near the Grand Canyon, or the Coastal Redwoods of California or in the High Sierras, can claim an advantage. Perhaps we all live where photographic opportunities present themselves daily but we never notice. But, when I do notice, I take pictures. Some of the shots come out quite interesting and that is what I am sharing here. Feel free to download and, if you have a need, use them in your school reports, Powerpoint presentations or enhancing your own home videos, for that shot you missed. There is no charge for download or royalty for use. I claim and maintain Copyright of the material. I only ask that you cite the source and observe the conditions listed below.

Some of the film clips are stored on my ISP server and right click/save as will provide you with a copy. Recently, I have started using the on-line video servers, such as YouTube. You can get the video from YouTube, but only the converted file. I also upload to Vimeo and Yahoo! Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The particular advantage to Vimeo here is that one mouse click allows you down load the original file to your hard drive.

Citation: "Larry Andersen at"

I am not a political activist and am usually middle of the road. Therefore I would prefer that these works not be used in political or activist campaigns.

If use for advertising, please let it be for mainstream products, the kind my kid could buy with out embarrassment.

These works should never be hurtful or used in a manner to degrade people or be demeaning or harmful to any person, race, religious belief, creed or national origin.

I, as I have said, am an amateur photographer. I do not travel with a pad of photo releases. If I have inadvertently uploaded video film with a recognizable person in the clip, there is no photo release for that person.

Thank you. Enjoy!

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