Grilled turkey Cranberry Panini by Larry Andersen

Turkey Cranberry

Grilled Panini Sandwich

A friend mentioned this sandwich combination one or two Thanksgivings ago. The combination sounded good, the blandness of the turkey meat and the tartness of the cranberries just like the Thanksgiving table. I am making it from memory and inference so please bear with me during this culinary experiment. A recipe can be considered a starting point and I have made two closely allied variations, different breads and accommodated some food preferences.

I chose an artisan whole wheat bread and a white sheepherders loaf to try the turkey-cranberry sandwiches. I liked both versions though I slightly preferred the white loaf even though the crust was tough in the French bread manner. The spiced cream cheese made a very tasty dressing. I used lettuce this time but I think in the future I will omit it as it does become quite wilted and loses than welcome crunch. Served with a bowl of soup or salad it makes a tasty light meal

Preparation: 30 minutes Life Experience Recipe
Makes 2 large sandwiches
  • 4 center slices Sheepherders styleor other bread (your favorite choice of sourdough, Ciabatta, etc.)
  • cup whole cranberry sauce
  • Thin sliced red onion, to taste
  • Room temperature butter or margarine
  • Bib or lettuce of choice, if desired
  • 2 deli-sliced roasted turkey breasts, about 1 pound
  • 1/2 cup whipped cream cheese spread
  • teaspoon Greek or Italian spice and herb mix (your choice)
  • Fresh ground black pepper, salt if desired
  1. Spread a thin layer of butter on one side of each of the bread slices. Turn butter side down (the outside of the sandwich).
  2. Mix the cream cheese with the Italian or Greek seasoning. Spread on the unbuttered side of the bread slices. Spread a thin layer of the cranberry sauce on the seasoned cream cheese sides of the bread (one or both sides, your choice depending on how much cranberry you like).

  3. Layer the grilled chicken slices, onion slices and Bib lettuce (if used it can get very wilted) on top of the cream cheese and cranberry layered bread slices. Season with pepper to taste, salt if desired.Put slices of bread together to make sandwich. After grilling toothpicks can help hold the sandwich together especially when cutting.
  4. Preheat your grill or griddle to medium heat, about 350 to 375F. If using a panini-type grill, cook for 3 to 5 minutes or until the bread is golden brown. If using a griddle or frying pan, turn the sandwich over when browned on one side and cook until browned on the other.

  5. Remove from grill; slice diagonally to make for an easy first bite. Served with a side of salad, fruit or soup the grilled turkey and cranberry Panini sandwich makes a satisfying light dinner.
  6. If the ingredients are quickly available, the sandwich can be assembled while the griddle is heating and a sandwich ready for a late night snack in about fifteen minutes.

    The sandwich does contain dairy products and any leftover portions should be refrigerated.

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