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We hope that you enjoy your tour through the on-line, virtual pages of the Janis Gardens Cooking Companion.

Here there are recipes with inspiration from around the world as well as from right next door. Some are long-time family traditions, some are inspired by our dear friends and some are new and original to Janis Gardens. Some are from our collection of cook books. Where ever a recipe is from an outside source, we have included the source on the recipe page.

Give the recipes a try and don't be afraid to experiment to get just the right flavor to suit your own palate..

Enjoy and eat well.....

Try our recipe of the month... Creamy Italian Garlic Chicken ala Bertolli
Bread and Baked Goods:
Candy and Sweets:
Canning, Pickling, Drying and Preserving Foods:
Fruit Dishes and Salads:
Pies, Cakes and Cookies:
The Wonderful World of Potatoes and Rice:
Vegetables, Beans and Squash:
A Wonderful Way With Chicken :
Other Meats And Seafood:
Adventures in Cooking: Pressure Cooker Meals In Half The Time:
Inspiration From the Orient: .
Wonderful World of Pasta, Italian Style Foods:
Sauces, Spices and Condiments:
Soups, Stews and Casseroles:
On a Hot Wind From the Southwest:
Clay Pot Cooking Around the World:
  • European Clay Pots
  • German Römertopf
  • .
  • Japanese Clay Pots
  • Nabe
A World of Sandwiches:
Recipes From Denmark and Scandinavia.....
Armenian and Other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Favorites:
Festive and Party Foods:
Other Regional Specialties and Favorites:
Cooking for our four-legged friends and companions:
Cooking On The Go - Camping and RV.....
Learning All About That Cooking on the road.
Aircore Cookware Recipes .
Other Recipes For Meals On The Go .
Odds And Ends:

Cooking meals at home is fun, you get the best tasting food and it is economical. But, it is fun to go out and eat too. Join Pattie Sue and Larry as they visit and review eateries about their home towns and in their travels. Visit with Pattie Sue as she samples restaurant fare for her Pattie Sue Food Review or, sit down and have a bite to eat with Larry, ...that food guy

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