Turkey Bacon and Mozarella Cheese Panini by Larry Andersen

Turkey, Bacon and

Mozzarella Cheese Panini

Part of the fun of the Panini sandwich is combining ingredients to make a new and hopefully original tasty combination. Here is an almost single layer turkey club combination we tried the other day. It is very tasty and we will be making this one again.

Preparation and cooking: 15 minutes Life Experience Recipe
Makes 2 sandwiches
  • 4 Slices sourdough bread
  • 4 Crisp-fried bacon slices
  • 4 Thin slices, seeded and dried tomatoes
  • 4 slices Deli-sliced cooked turkey
  • 4 Slices Mozzarella cheese
  • Butter
  1. Use a mandolin to thinly slice tomatoes. Rinse under cold running water to remove most of the seeds. Place on a paper towel to partially dry and set aside.
  2. Crisp fry bacon; place on a paper towel to drain and set aside.
  3. Pre-heat panini grill to 375 . (You can use a heavy skillet on the stove top. Place sandwich in the preheated pan and place another slightly smaller pan in top to press the sandwich while cooking)
  4. Lay out the slices of bread with what will be the outside surface up. Lightly butter.

  5. Turn one slice over and build sandwich. Place a layer of the sliced turkey. Place the strips of bacon on the turkey. Layer tomato slices on the bacon. The last layer is the cheese. Cover with the last piece of bread, buttered side up.
  6. Cook in the panini grill until nicely browned and the cheese melted. Remove from the grill and allow to cool for a minute or so. Slice diagonally and serve with side dish of choice.

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