Bunker, the grand old man of the kennel.


aka Bunner

Before the yard had a fence all around, Bunker had to be secured to his dog house while everyone was away at work. It wasn't his favorite place, to say the least.

By the time Bunker, and his brother Rocket, had moved friom town to Chugiak, they had mellowed quite a bit. However, they still would run off if not attached to the immovable object.

Bunker would much rather spend his idle hours somewhere else more comfortable!

In his later years Bunker posessed a quiet wisdom and dignity

He wasn't averse, however, to laying on the extension cord, refusing to budge, just to show who's boss. As a younger dog, in cahoots with his brother, Rocket, an evil eye warily watches for a trick to play.

There is one major drawback to having a thick, luxurious coat, especially on the legs and feet. The snow clings to the hairs and builds ice balls. It was a common malady for Bunker and he didn't really like the experience.

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