Janis and Larry on the Beachlake Trail System with a 12-dog team in 1999 - Click on to enlarge

The Dogs of

Twenty Mile Kennel

The Dogs
  • He was the grand old man of the dog yard
  • Digger - she adopted us
  • Lil'Bit - lead dog and friend
  • Cody - Yellow-Eyed Malamute
  • Partial Kennel Breeding Chart - for Lil'Bit
Dog Mushing Photos
  • Off-season training using all-terrain vehicles in place of sleds.
  • In cold weather the moisture in your breath will freeze to your face and clothing.
  • Cold weather freezes the moisture in your breath to your face beard and moustache.
  • Some pictures taken on the Beach Lake trail system near Chugiak, Alaska.
  • Watch our home video of Janis riding her sled on Beach ake near Chugiak, Alaska
Digging out the dog truck after a snowfall. - Click on to enlarge The dogs want to go sledding - so, lets dust off the dog truck - Click on to enlarge

Our Dogs, their passengers and their mushers

  • Training on a portion of the Iditarod Trail
  • her niece, Kayla, and nephew, Adam (6 photos 1997)

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